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Wednesday, February 20

6:00pm MST

Thursday, February 21

8:30am MST

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A1.1 - Assessing the impact teaching abroad has on current teacher’s practice Education Classroom Block 350Janessa Bretner A1.2 - Welcoming Parents Involvement Into Our Classrooms Education Classroom Block 350Martika Merriman-Scheffer A2.1 - Understanding the value of coaching and mentoring to support new and developing teachers Education Classroom Block 351Maddison Fritze • Katherine Mueller A2.2 - Link2Practice: A Model of Ongoing Teacher and Teacher Candidate Professional Learning Education Classroom Block 351Isabelle Archibald • Dana Bell • Hilary Graham • Laura Lancaster • Kerry Robertson • Kathy Sanford • Gracyn Tanche A3.1 - Analyzing reading curricula for ideology and representation: The case of Raz-Kids Education Classroom Block 353Maren Aukerman A3.2 - Developing Course Responsive Resources Education Classroom Block 353Brian Gilbert A4.1 - Identifying authentic assessment tasks in mathematics textbooks Education Classroom Block 354Olive Chapman • Merrick Fanning • Kelsey Gay • Kim Koh A4.2 - Rethinking Repetition: Building Numeracy Competence in Early/Middle Years Education Classroom Block 354Zabrina Cornelisse A10 - Inspiring and Connecting with Students Through Mural Making Education Tower 146Janna Li A5 - Nightmare on WestCAST Street: Students’ Perceptions of Popular Culture & Literacy Education Classroom Block 356Jesse deHaan • Arsh Grewal A6 - Space, Place, and Relationships: Fostering Meaningful Connections with Students and their Environments Education Classroom Block 357MacKenzie Bouchard • Aaron Larsen A7 - So you think you can escape? Creating an escape room for your class! Education Classroom Block 374Sue (Nursurya) Mylde A8 - Rocky View School's Design Thinking Cohort Education Classroom Block 370AChantal Chapin • Karmen Green • Natasha Randawa • Stephanie Spahmann A9 - Integrating Indigenous Pedagogies in Cross-Curricular Instruction Education Classroom Block 352Marika Schalla

10:50am MST

11:00am MST

B1.1 - Designing Middle School Social Studies Lesson Plans and Assessment Tasks: Problem-Based Learning and Authentic Assessment Education Classroom Block 350Olive Chapman • Kim Koh • Adam Townley B1.2 - The Great STEM Race Developing 21st Century Skills through a STEM Inquiry-Based Unit of Study Education Classroom Block 350Dianne Dodsworth • Adam Quirante • Daniel Walsh B2.1 - Understanding the Factors that Contribute to High School Students’ Decisions to Study Physics in Higher Education Education Classroom Block 353Kelvin Au B2.2 - How Students Operationalize Mechanical Dissection in a Science and Technology Class Education Classroom Block 353Jolyane Damphousse • Audrey Groleau • Ghislain Samson B3.1 - Multiple Sites of Learning: Exploring Teacher Education Through Competencies Education Classroom Block 354Dana Bell • Nicole Carson • Spencer Grimm • David Heffernan • Emily Mayne Oliveira • Kerry Robertson B3.2 - The Benefit of Inquiry Based Learning for Teacher Candidates Education Classroom Block 354Isabelle Archibald • Dana Bell • Hilary Graham • Kerry Robertson • Gracyn Tanche B4.1 - Showing Students that Summer Break doesn’t mean a Break from Learning Education Classroom Block 356Nicole Barry B4.2 - Authentic Assessment - How the shaping of assessment can inspire our students Education Classroom Block 356Briar Hildebrand B5 - Seeing is Believing: Challenging Alternate Conceptions in Genetics by Connecting Micro and Macro Level Processes Education Classroom Block 357Alexis Hampe • Whitney Lodge-Zaparnick • Elvina Mukhamedshina B6 - Connecting with Compassionate Communication Education Classroom Block 352Sebella Viljoen  B7 - Digital technologies: Connecting theory with effective practice Education Classroom Block 370AAlex Vaughan • Norm Vaughan B8 - But do I Belong? Fostering a Sense of Belonging Through The Wonder of Names Education Classroom Block 374Katie Jardine B9 - Valued AND Vulnerable: The complex experiences of male elementary teachers Education Tower 146Brian Gilbert • Garry Jones • Todd Webber

12:10pm MST

1:30pm MST

C1.1 - Indigenous Knowledges and Sustainability Education Classroom Block 350Yvonne Vizina C1.2 - Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Outdoor Education Education Classroom Block 350Jan Hare • Brittany Seymour C2.1 - Comparing Panel Interviews with Multiple-Mini-Interviews for Admission into Teacher Education Education Classroom Block 351Sheryl MacMath • Barbara Salingre C2.2 - Transforming thought through reflexive experiential learning: Applying reflective thought to pre-service teacher practice Education Classroom Block 351Linda Rappel C3.1 - “Children like stories”: How to inspire teachers to integrate evolutionary theory through nonfiction picturebooks Education Classroom Block 353Erin Spring • Annemie Treier C3.2 - How First Peoples Traditional Storytelling Can Be Used as a Strategy to Improve Literacy in the STEM Classroom Education Classroom Block 353Lisa Andrykew • Jennifer Clausen C4.1 - Effective Physical Activity in the Classroom Education Classroom Block 354Kari Herman • Anny Peplinski • Kristina Siroishka C4.2 - Toward Worthwhile Life: Inspiring Capability, Narrative, and Cultural Awareness in Literature/Social Classrooms Education Classroom Block 354Leah C. Fowler C5 - Technology Infused Pedagogy: Virtual Reality Brings Learning to Life Education Classroom Block 356Ryan Poirier C6 - Let’s Talk Science in the Classroom - Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow Education Classroom Block 357Ian Dimopoulos C7 - Connecting with children on the autism spectrum through music and literature Education Classroom Block 352Sheila Scott C8 - Case Scenarios and Supervision Dimensions: Reflective Tools for Engaging with Supervision Practice Education Classroom Block 370ADawn Burleigh • Greg Ogilvie C9 - Language and Belonging Through Socratic Seminar Education Classroom Block 374Dana Bell • Nicole Carson • David Heffernan • Emily Mayne Oliveira • Kerry Robertson

2:40pm MST

2:50pm MST

D1.1 - Inspiring Youth Leadership: 3 Years of Change in Southern Alberta Education Classroom Block 350Alix Esterhuizen • Sharon Friesen • Michael Holden • Elizabeth Howard • Sandy Miller • Sean Sager D1.2 - Connecting Students, Schools, and Communities through Service-Learning Education Classroom Block 350Hamnah Altaf • Amy Hensch • Michael Holden • Sean Lam • Aaron Park D2.1 - Calgary Secondary Teachers' Perceptions of Homework Education Classroom Block 351Angelo (Joey) Cayanan • Kim Koh D2.2 - Design Based Thinking and the Reshaping of Student Teacher Pedagogy and Practice Education Classroom Block 351Lyndsay Cooper • Dianne Dodsworth • Morgan Marek • Danielle McKinnon • Caterina Olivito-Veltri • Faith Perratt • Dana Sigurdson • Julie Tran • Patricia Wall • Ema Zejnilovic D3.1 - Digital Good Relations in a Community-Based Indigenous Teacher Education Program Education Classroom Block 353Jessica Creyke • Johanna Sam D3.2 - Teaching for First Nations Students: An Inquiry into the Effectiveness of our teaching during final practicum Education Classroom Block 353Johanna McClements • Carrie Robinson D4 - Empowering Students through Inquiry Education Classroom Block 354Jordan Grenier D5 - Destination Imagination After School: Connecting and Inspiring with Vulnerable Youth Education Classroom Block 356Madison Hanson D6 - The power of hands-on learning - a practical workshop Education Classroom Block 357Sue Mylde D7 - Yoga to Inspire and Connect Education Tower 01Emily Blackmore D8 - Drawing Connections Between Western Educational Theories and Indigenous Worldviews and Pedagogies Education Classroom Block 370ASamantha Gilbert • Tom Owen D9 - Learning through Making: How Do We Design and Assess the Learning? Education Classroom Block 374Laurie Androsoff • Sandra Becker • Paula Hollohan • Jennifer Lock

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4:10pm MST

E1.1 - Connecting Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth: Learnings from a National Youth Gathering Education Classroom Block 350Bilal Abdulghani • Madison Fleischhacker • Michael Holden • Yung Hsiang Huang • Natalie Lauchlan • Karishma Samra E1.2 - How Beaver Got a Flat Tail: Engaging Teacher Candidates and Teacher Educators in Indigenization Education Classroom Block 350Laura Howard • Roxane Letterlough • Gloria Ramírez • Mariah Wilson E2.1 - Authenticity as a catalyst for inspiration and connection: Conversations and strategies shared between a student teacher and a practicing teacher Education Classroom Block 351Eileen Abad • Isabelle Panrucker E2.2 - Side-by-Side Learning: Teacher Candidates Transforming Practice Through Peer Assessment During Field Experience Education Classroom Block 351Deborah Koehn • Christine Younghusband E3.1 - Homophobia in the hallways: Heterosexism and transphobia in Canadian Catholic schools Education Classroom Block 353Tonya Callaghan E3.2 - Implications of the Legalization of Marijuana in Canada Affecting Educational Policy Education Classroom Block 353Darren E. Lund • J. Daniel Walsh E4.1 - ITEP PD School Model Education Classroom Block 354Ariel Paul E4.2 - Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes and Beliefs Towards Comprehensive School Health Education Classroom Block 354Victoria Nieborowska • Shelly Russell-Mayhew • Elizabeth Tingle • Emily Williams E5 - Inspiring Intrinsic Motivation in Elementary Science Class Education Classroom Block 356Eilis Whelan E6 - Infusing Creative Movement into the Curriculum Education Classroom Block 357Megan Friesen E7 - Readers Theatre: Connecting Reading and Writing in Dual Language Books Education Classroom Block 374Yan Guo • Xiaoli Liu E8 - STEM Introductory Electronics Course Education Tower 146Leonard Cohen • Bogdan Alexandru Georgescu • Christy Thomas E9 - Classroom-Based Physical Activities Education Tower 01Kevin Croot • Sarah Galbraith • Aaron Roemmele

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6:00pm MST

Friday, February 22

8:30am MST

F1.1 - Artwork from Residential Schools as a Window into Understanding Canadian Residential Students’ Experiences Education Classroom Block 350Adrienne Sande F1.2 - A critical inquiry into a pedagogical framework for incorporating First Nations perspectives in science teaching Education Classroom Block 350Byran Laloge • Colleen Latham • Judy Leamon • Carrie Robinson F2.1 - Teacher Candidates' Perceptions and Reflections on their Social Emotional Competencies Education Classroom Block 351Nancy Norman • Barbara Salingre F2.2 - Digital ePortfolios: Bridging teacher education and professional practices in schools Education Classroom Block 351Tim Hopper • Kathy Sanford F3.1 - Partnering for Transformation: Seeking the Threads That Connect Us Education Classroom Block 353Mary-Lynn Epps • Paige Fisher • Debbie Koehn • Susanne Maguire • Emily Newbery • Leyton Schnellert • Heather Shippit • Hannah Taves F3.2 - Building today's classroom: Mortimer Adler's theory and Constructivism Education Classroom Block 353Devon Aisenstat • Anna Law F4.1 - Connecting with Refugee Students Through Trauma Informed Practices Education Classroom Block 356Janine Pelletier F4.2 - Connecting Across Cultures: What happens when people play the Refugee Journeys Board Game? Education Classroom Block 356Michelle Lam F10 - Transgender Awareness: Proactively Creating Safe Spaces in Our Classrooms Education Classroom Block 354Landon Jackson • Julie Stewart F5 - E.P.P.I.K: Educational Professionals Planning Interdisciplinary Knowledge Education Classroom Block 352Sue Mylde • Suzanne Piechotta F6 - The Value of Connections Outside of the Classroom in Pursuit of Inspiring Students Education Classroom Block 357Zoee Fenelon F7 - Connecting Educators to Competency Based Education Education Classroom Block 370AParneet Kahlon • David Scott F8 - Rediscovering your schoolyard: A Lesson in Orienteering Education Tower 146Karen Goodwin • Craig Hyslop • Chelsea McJunkin • Ryan Smithson F9 - Creating a Sensory Smart Classroom Education Classroom Block 374Tanya Elwood • Rachel Pequeno • Nan Stevens • Mariah Wilson

9:40am MST

9:50am MST

G1.1 - Our First Teacher: The Land - Inciting Students' Curiosity in Math & Science through Relevancy Education Classroom Block 351Terri Lyn Dixon •  Gabrielle Lytle • Amjad Malik •  Flora Packo G2.1 - Designing an interdisciplinary course: Identity, citizenship, authenticity, and real-world problems in secondary science Education Classroom Block 353Anastassia Martynova G2.2 - Inspiring Students to Feed the World: Careers in Food and Agriculture Education Classroom Block 353Gursevak Kasbia G3.1 - Strategies for Promoting Engagement, Communication, and Self-Regulation for Children with Autism Education Classroom Block 354Hannah Taves G3.2 - Perfectionism and its connection to Mental Illness Education Classroom Block 354Amy Hensch G4 - Environmental Science Curriculum Development Project for the Stream to Sea Program: Students share their learning Education Classroom Block 370AJonathon Koltun • Nan Stevens • Bobbi Vojtko • Janna Wale G5 - Engaging preservice teachers in selecting mathematics tasks based on level of cognitive demand Education Classroom Block 356Olive Chapman • Merrick Fanning • Kelsey Gay • Kim Koh G6 - Elementary Computer Coding Education Tower 146Marianna Makkai G7 - Using Math Work Stations in the K-8 Classroom Education Classroom Block 357Kaitlyn Bartel • Cristina Diaz • Chelsea Flett • Elizabeth Hernandez • Allison Wood • Marisa Wood G8 - Who are the Métis?: An Experiential Introduction to the Lifeways of the Red River Métis & the Sociocultural Impacts of Canadian Expansion Education Classroom Block 374Cooper Skjeie G9 - Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives in our classrooms Education Classroom Block 352Emily Newbery

11:00am MST

11:10am MST

H1.1 - Let's see what happens: The Importance of Being Earnestly Curious Education Classroom Block 350Tammy Flanders • Paula Hollohan H1.2 - Developing the life-long critical thinker Education Classroom Block 350Bartlomiej Lenart • Carla Lewis H2.1 - Connecting Imagination Education Classroom Block 351Shane Love H2.2 - Aspiring to Inspire Education Classroom Block 351Farwa Wajahat H3.1 - Ready, Set, Action: Using Film in Foreign Language Classes Education Classroom Block 353Nicole Rocha H3.2 - British Columbia French teacher candidates’ experiences navigating the digital terrain of the language classroom Education Classroom Block 353Liza Navarro H4.1 - From deserted classrooms to vibrant classrooms alive with boys! Opening Calgary's only public boys' school Education Classroom Block 354Garry Jones H4.2 - Current events, the classroom and student needs: An eco-system for success and connection Education Classroom Block 354Geetika Kaur Bhasin H10 - Mindfulness and Meditation: Activities and Benefits for the Classroom Education Tower 01Timothy Sailor H5 - Enhancing Mathematical Understanding With Manipulatives in Grades 4 - 6 Education Classroom Block 356Amber Baker • Marianna Makkai H6 - Cool Careers in the Classroom: Creative Approaches to Infusing Career Development into Middle Years Classrooms Education Classroom Block 357Ian Mullins H7 - The Importance of Character Strengths for Building Resilience Education Classroom Block 370AJodi Basch H8 - Stay Fit with Micro:bit Education Classroom Block 374Carley Braaten • Matthew Helliwell • Jessica Scott H9 - Representing Canada's policy history with its First Peoples through the Arts Education Classroom Block 352Charlene Baker • Meg Henderson • Susu Robin • Carrie Robinson • David Skelton

12:20pm MST

12:45pm MST

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